Cabin Crew Training

"Our solutions leverage the growing processing power of smartphones and tablets to offer innovative 3D, experiential eLearning applications, that increase trainee’s engagement and knowledge retention. Our training scenarios can also be experienced on the low-cost, latest generation of Virtual Reality headsets, offering an unsurpassable level of realism and emotional immersion, without requiring physical cabin trainers.
Our 3D interactive training solutions allow users to live experientially the situations that precede, characterize, or follow security threats, building individual resilience and preparedness. They are designed to engage users, improving the learning of threat prevention and response procedures.
Our 3D interactive training solutions overcome the limitations of current first responder live drills, by providing 3D interactive simulations that reproduce the intended emergency scenarios more fully and realistically. Virtual drills are conveniently available to trainees at any time, and allow them to familiarize with procedural as well as emotional aspects of emergencies."