Cricket VR

"Cricket is a virtual reality cricket game that aims to replicate the exact dynamics and physics of the game in the virtual world. It presents the joy of playing cricket with an HTC Vive headset and a controller-laden bat. As an amateur, you begin at level 1, and there are a total of 100 levels, that you will only cross as you pick up the skills of a real cricketer. The initial target of scoring at a run per ball is positively easy, but as you progress through the ranks, the game can become exceedingly and surprisingly difficult. What’s impressive is the flexibility of the game, which can be set up on large displays and in actual cricket stadium formats, if the venue has scope for it. Even the bats can be configured to suit your style, fielders interact smartly among each other, and on overall terms, Cricket VR makes for one of the best VR games in terms of flexibility and implementation that we have seen so far."